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ISO lynx kitten!!

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I have been looking for someone that has kittens for quite some time now. I do not want to pay a deposit because I am afraid of paying that much and it being some scammer that takes the money I've saved for a LONG time specifically for this. I want to be able to go pick out a healthy kitten of my choice, pay for it, and take it home. I live in TN but will travel wherever I need to within the states and/or Canada. I know a lot about lynx.. diet, enclosures, health, habits, care, laws, do's and don'ts, risks, and more. I am actually taking college courses specifically to be able to do a lot of my pet's health wellness observations and to be knowledgeable incase of an emergency. I'm taking this seriously as should everyone. (maybe not as intense as myself, but I'm weird lol) I am going to leave my email address below for anyone who can help with contacts or info. ill probly be one of those crazy lynx lady's that makes a fb page and YouTube channel for my cat once I have one lol at that time ill get back on here and add its links for anyone who would enjoy following. I hope this is a good place for info and friends who can relate what the time comes that I have an exotic as part of my life. enjoy yall's evening!! thanks for reading!!



Topic starter Posted : February 1, 2021 10:29 pm
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