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I had the opportunity to volunteer at a facility that had three caracals. They were way bigger than I thought they'd be! I always pictured them large, but not this large. They had long bodies and legs. Very pretty animals.

Are servals about the same size as caracals? I love caracals, but a serval is likely the first exotic cat I would wind up acquiring, so am curious about the size difference.

One of them was very hissy! She woke up when we came by to visit her, and wanted us to go away. One of the males on the other hand was very friendly and came right over.

I hope that I will eventually have the opportunity to work directly hands-on with them. Such beautiful cats!

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Topic starter Posted : August 30, 2016 3:26 pm
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A post I saw today on serval size

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And serval and caracal together ... 9efc18b71a ... Friend.jpg

So about same size

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