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Goat unsteady, wobbly

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My 2yr old Nigerian Dwarf/pygmy cross birthed twins March 9.
Two days before that, I noticed she was clumsy and moving slower than normal. Our male would barely rub up against her and she'd stumble. He did knock her down once, and I separated them.

She is eating, drinking, and nursing the babies. Urine is clear, bowel movements are normal. Temp 101.8. No teeth grinding, so I don't think she is pain. She is eating sweet feed, has hay, and alfalfa pellets. Plenty of fresh water. Hooves look great. No bald spots. Her coat is red tinged, and she has had access to mineral block for 2 weeks. Coat has started going black again.
Both babies are strong, healthy. Show no symptoms of deficiencies.

She seems to dragging her feet.. like her legs are too heavy to pick up. She can stand and walk on her own. She kind of sways when standing still.

Meningeal worms fits best (since the walking and gait are the only symptoms as of now), but so does phosphorus deficiency, selenium deficiency/toxicity.

Any suggestions or advice??

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Topic starter Posted : March 10, 2019 10:37 pm
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welcome to sybil's message board.

I use to raise goats years ago. however, never had the problem you are describing.

however, I also raised llama's and emu's. I am trying to remember back, but, I think it was an emu that had a similar problem.
it was menageri worm. to treat that you can use ivomenctin. it comes in injectable and paste.
if it is a menageri worm, it is not a pretty site when it advances icon-sad

can you have a vet come to your home to see your goat?
please keep us updated. ... 8M44MKAPyw

not sure if the following will be of any help. ... 0&bih=1089 ... ng-better/ Sybils Den

Posted : March 11, 2019 11:44 am
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Have you called a vet and asked them? Can you take the goat to a vet or possibly have one make a house call?

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Posted : March 11, 2019 12:51 pm
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I agree with Juska. to be sure, it is best to have a vet look at your goat to make sure of the problem.

please keep us updated. Sybils Den

Posted : March 13, 2019 6:32 am