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Two Raccoon Questions: age and marking territory  

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My daughter just purchased a 7-8 week old raccoon.  We think  it was a little big for that age but we really don’t know for sure.  It was never really people dependent and the breeder told us that we can give it a bottle if we wanted but it isn’t necessary and it wouldnt bond anymore with us if we did, so we didn’t. Fast forward to today, almost three weeks later.  He is, I believe, marking his territory by dragging his bottom on everything for a couple seconds at a time.  (No irritation or redness noticed and he’s always sniffing the spots before he does it.). He also has become much more aggressive (and we are careful in our behavior towards him to not cause aggression).  I weighed him and he is approximately 1700 grams, which I would think would be high for a 10 week old raccoon.  Our concern is that we purchased an older raccoon and that’s why he isn’t really bonding with us.  I guess I am looking for opinions.  Is the butt dragging a marking thing?  Is he a lot older than we thought so it’s now hard for him to bond to us?   Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Posted : June 8, 2020 7:52 pm
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Hi everybody.  I just got on for the first time since the site changed, it actually let me change my password and everything.  I had given up on it. We'll see if it lets me post.

Okay, first-I know its late but if you can interest him (her?) in the bottle, go for it and love him before & after.  In my experience food is of MAJOR significance to a coon.  I once had a coworker give me 2 abandoned (momma hit on road) old babies, they arrived in a cat carrier and when I opened it the female immediately attacked.  I met her charge with a spoon full of infamil (all I had at the time and I knew they would be starving) which she immediately attached to.  For her, that was it.  The male was much harder and although neither ever bit,he was never attached to me like Jillian became.  That is sorta odd because in my experience the males are more sociable.

Sorry about the digression- if the bottle doesn't work out, try treats- every time you enter the same room he's in.  Taken from your hand.  You want him to look forward to seeing you and that's the easiest way. Be aware that this results in a spoiled coon that begs. Forgive me if you already know this stuff, but I have no way of knowing how familiar you are with coons.

-don't cage a coon you want as a pet, a caged coon is a nasty coon sooner or later and usually sooner

- if possible, as he gets older give him access to a secure outdoor pen, put his water tub there and save yourself a huge mess.  I use the window in my bedroom as access,have inserted a dog door.

-I really don't know how much they weigh because I have never weighed mine, about the butt dragging, he could be marking but he could also have parasites, coons need to be dewormed.  Or his anal glans may be blocked,if he is marking I think there will be a strong smell-I've never noticed mine doing it.

When he acts aggressive,say NO and shun him for a few minutes

start handling his feet now, it will make clipping his nails a lot easier

right now Scooter's into pistachios, if he finds where I stash them he will usually leave me 1 or2.

 I hope this has helped


Posted : June 19, 2020 10:50 pm
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Found this at a rescue site:  HOW OLD IS THE RACCOON? A 100-gram or less - baby is a week or less old: very light hair fuzz, 4 ½ -6” nose-end of tail, eyes closed, ears unopened, crawls spread-legged.
A 250 gram baby is about 2 ½ weeks old (about 8 ½ long)
A 350 gram baby is about 3 ½ weeks old (about 10 “ long) (eyes open 2 ½-3 wks))
A 550 gram baby is about 5 ½ weeks old (about 12-14” long) (ears open about 4wks) (begin to walk)
A 950 gram baby is about 9 ½ weeks old (eating solid foods, very active and independent)

Posted : June 19, 2020 10:54 pm