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Anyone have an animal friendly workplace?  

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Anyone else lucky enough to have an animal friendly work environment?
I've worked as a photographer/graphic designer for a locally owned collegiate retail company for several years and its a very pro-critter establishment.
I bring my pup Tess to work with me most days. The company owner also brings his little rescue bichon in several times a week. One top of that, we have office and warehouse cats. They've been feeding and spay/neutering ferals for years and a few have stuck around. Murray is the resident office cat. He has to stop in to each office everyday (he takes his moral officer position very seriously :mrgreen: ) but his favorite spot is the packing bins in the shipping department. There are two more warehouse kitties (Butters and McFluffy) that are too shy to come in the office, but they're sweet boys just the same.
The big grey boy is Cabbage. He kind of started it all. He showed up as a dirty, scarred-up tom with heartworms. With a slow kill treatment they actually managed to rid him of the heartworms, but we lost him to a terrible accident a few years ago. He was the coolest cat, EVERYBODY who ever met him LOVED him. His is still missed, and has his own plaque on the employee-of-the-year wall in the lobby.

Posted : May 10, 2017 9:49 am
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LOL I work in a small graphics design studio that is animal-friendly, too, Kagney. Before the owner got her two Great Pyrenees, I was able to bring my dogs to work with me. But the one Pyr doesn't play well with others, so my kids have to stay home. In addition, we also have a golden retriever, and too many cats to count. I'd post pics here of some, but I always have a devil of a time doing so...


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Posted : May 10, 2017 11:43 am
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Apparently they proposed a "bring your pet to work day" years ago here (office setting at an insurance company), but too many people objected due to allergies.

When I work from home, the kitty cat usually "helps" me work by crawling all over me, and generally being mischievous :lol:

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Posted : May 10, 2017 12:37 pm