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3 New Pregnant Pigs!!!

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I took in three pregnant female "miniature" pigs from my neighbor. Her house was being foreclosed on and she was just going to butcher them. So, being the animal lover that I am, I told her I would take them. Sadly, she already butchered the male.

She used these girls as nothing more than breeding machines. They have obviously had no socialization and are just beyond terrified. They are all within what I would consider the "miniature" size, but one is just MORBIDLY obese. She has to be 3x the weight she should be. She said I can just feed them whatever I don't want. She gave them whatever old food she had; bread, cheese, meat and basically junk food. She says they don't like fruits and vegetables.

I feel so bad for these girls and I've never had a pig before. I have 45 acres, so I have more than enough room. Right now they are fenced off in 3 acres, and I have put three XL dog houses and straw for them. They have water and I will be going to get feed soon. Hopefully I will be able to get them to eat fruits and veggies soon.

I've named the smallest one Leena, the middle-sized one Reina and the chubby one Blaze. They never have had names before. I've been told they are all 5 years old, sisters from the same litter and this will be their 5th litter.

This morning at 6am I fed them some raw ground chicken with ground bone. Pigs are omnivores and I figured they need the protein and calcium after all the stress and their pregnancy. They loved it. I feed my dogs on raw, so I have tons of meat around (will not be feeding pork anymore ).

Oh, I also have the vet coming by today to look them over. Any tips are greatly appreciated, especially on getting the extra weight off the big girl. I don't know how often to feed them, but I have some raw chicken livers I'm going to take out to them at around 8am.

Topic starter Posted : July 21, 2016 7:35 am