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Big Cats Seized from Tiger King Park

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What are your thoughts on this?

I thought the brief interview with the two people who live near the park gave the article an interesting perspective I never thought about. I'm not against responsible big cat ownership, though I wonder how I would feel if I lived close to a park with several or a neighbor who owned one. I'd like to see a map of where the park is to get a better perspective of what the surrounding area is like. Is the park in the middle of a neighborhood?

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I think there should be enforced reasonable rules and regulations regarding their care and housing  and am not enthused about exhibiting them, but as I see it, the only way we are going to have wildlife in the future is if people are allowed to have them.  Most zoos do not give the animals enough space and that needs to change.  If a person can afford the acreage, housing, and food for these animals, they should be allowed to have them, but there needs to be over site to assure the animals are properly taken care of.

  On a different note, I have noticed that every time I read about someone's animals being confiscated, there are deaths involved and to me that means that we are allowing the wrong people to confiscate these animals.

The sheer amount of land required for large wildlife means most likely they aren't going to be in "neighborhoods",  but the question arises- who was there first? 

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