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Pet jaguar vs leopard personality?  

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I have been researching tigers in captivity. Some are OK, some are not. Either way, It is a must you completely understand their behavior.  They are not pets. They need to be handled differently than other animals.  A good breeder is important.   Example:  When I bought Sybil (my first black bear) it was like getting a bear from the wild.  I found out later, the breeder kept the mommas in barrels, that is where they stayed. When I bought Sybil, and on the way home (about a 3 hour drive) she was very wild. Bottle feeding her was a task. I lost count of how many scratches and bites I got from her.  However, it took me 6 months to get her tame.  The second one I got "Benny" (he sadly passed away) I got him from a good breeder.  He was pet quality.
However, black bears are much easier to work with than tigers and lions. 

There was a guy in ohio that had tigers, lions, and bears.  However, he was pretty stupid with the bears. he used them for wrestling.  
Here is the info on that:

I also seen a video where a tiger killed a guy, it was pretty gruesome.  I also seen where someone, somehow got into the tiger enclosure. Needless to say, he did not survive.

When you do your zoo, make sure it is secure so no one can get into their enclosure.

As for the Lions, they are in the same class as tigers.  

Honestly, I am not talking you out of your dream. I am only helping you to understand their behavior.  I want you to stay safe and be successful with your zoo.





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Posted : February 11, 2020 2:35 pm
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I understand. It won't really be a zoo. Just a sort of park, if even. Really just a place with my personal pets. 

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