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Hello, I’ve lurked around the forums for a little while and decided to join.

I currently only have four fish: a Glow Fish tetra, two koi and a comet goldfish. It’s an unusual combination, and all four I obtained in unusual ways. They get along well, though. I’m planning to get a Chantilly-Tiffany cat in the near future.

I'd love to have a ball python (I have a soft spot for snakes, pythons in particular.) When I have a house with a decent sized property, I'd love to have a koi pond, a dovecote, and set up areas for a fox, fancy chickens and pheasants. And yes, I do see the obvious conflict with this. I’ll definitely have separate enclosures. Sadly, the fox and pheasants (most the species I’m interested in) are illegal in New Hampshire without an exhibitor permit. 🙁

Which brings me to my next point: I’m planning to write to my state legislators about legalizing foxes as pets in New Hampshire. I stand on solid ground in my argument. There isn’t a well-founded reason why they’re “controlled animals.” Oddly, ostriches and yaks fall under the “non-controlled” category and do not require exhibitor permits even though they are more similar to their wild ancestors and are larger and more dangerous animals than foxes. If a pet fox escaped in New Hampshire, it would cause less trouble than an escaped ostrich or yak.

Currently, I’m amassing resources for writing to legislators to make it easier for others to do so. I would love for more people to join in my cause of legalizing foxes in more states, and will make these resources public in the future. I would also love to know about and participate in similar initiatives other people have started.

Topic starter Posted : March 7, 2020 4:07 pm