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Tenrec Lifespan  

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I was seriously looking into getting lowland streaked tenrecs for a while since I like them and they happen to be legal in Utah. But then I saw their lifespans! Only 2-3 years, like a rat or a mouse. Very disappointing to find that out. :/ I thought I might be able to import some and breed, but if their lifespans are THAT short, then I would have to start inbreeding after the first year or two. Probably inbreeding wouldn't hurt as long as the parents were healthy, AND it was done responsibly, of course, but still...

Ugh, why so short!? 5-7 years is what I was expecting for whatever reason.

That's okay though. It makes me focus more on my long-term animal goals, which is important. Sometimes I lose focus because the end goal seems so far away, and I start looking to other species that would be easier to acquire.

But the lowland streaked tenrecs are super pretty and cute. And there are some for sale right now in the UK.

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Posted : August 22, 2017 4:47 pm
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That's too bad. I guess that's why they aren't more popular. People don't want to spend a lot for something that wont live long.

Greater hedgehog tenrec is 14 years in human care, if you could find any. They are cool and have nice friendly personalities when raised with people.

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Posted : August 22, 2017 5:02 pm