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Breeders from 80s and 90s?  

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Any older/wiser members in this forum who would be willing to help me out? Smile
I'm looking for names/webpages/references of old breeders from the 80s and 90s. I'm mostly concerned with coydog breeders, but would also be interested in hearing about wolfdog breeders too. I noticed (due to multiple factors) that coydogs are not as popular to own (therefore less breeders these days...the only active one I know is Wildside)
So now I'm wondering if that was the case back then... if not, who were the prominent breeders at the time during those decades?

Also if any of the "lines" can be traced back to pure coyote/wolf crossed to domestic dog. I know that's not common these days, because its hard to get a hold of a pure coy or wolf, for breeding. But the line had to start somewhere :lol: I'm curious, when and by whom. Though it might be hard to provide records for such a thing...

I'm a bit new to this community. I try to do my own research (which helps), but unfortunately I don't have the connections that other people do, to know about older lineage and such. The main thing that sparked this interest was my fascination with genetics in domestic dogs. Now I've shifted my interest into crossbreeding and resulting phenotype. I don't think most breeders documented the results and scientific observations of their crosses? But if such a thing existed I would be very interested.

Sorry for rambling, and kudos if you read this far :lol:

Posted : November 7, 2017 9:18 pm
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You may be better asking in the wolf forum but that's practically ancient history since the internet was in the early stages to not really existent yet and even if someone did have the info the breeders may well be retired or even dead and if alive and retired not want people still contacting them and if out of business, webpages don't last forever. You could try searching the old Yahoo groups, as that's were all the old exotic people hung out till Fb took over but they are super super slow and laggy now.

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Posted : November 30, 2017 11:36 pm
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There's a Coydog and Wolfdog Education page on Facebook. You could try asking there. ... Education/

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