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Material and build for larger running space? Also, some Advice if possible..

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So, I have some building to do very soon here, as spring is right around the corner! I'm getting a litter of coons this year, on top of a litter of squirrels to raise and rehabilitate. There is also the possibly another fox, but I'll get to that in a second. 

First things first; I'm going to be expanding this kennel below (which is where Val is currently staying). It is a 5'x15', so I was planning on expanding this into a 15'x15', but still keeping it separated into 5'x15' sections. I can connect them all by taking off a little panel on the side of the enclosure. This way I can separate the kennel if I need to. My plan was to keep the fox in the 15'x15' majority of the time until the raccoons can be outside. Then the raccoons could have the 5'x15', and the fox can have the 10'x15'. If they get along, they call all just share the enclosure. And if I get possums or a different species, then i can split it up again into 5'x15'. (I hope I explained that well). But what can i do to really enrich the space and make it enjoyable for both the fox and raccoons? I've added a shelf since I've taken this pictures, but it's not enough really. I was thinking of like a tunnel hanging from the top for the raccoons to climb in? Not sure, I feel like the fox is pretty bored too. He's fine, but I want him to have some fun stuff while he's in there. I'll get to it below, but any enrichment ideas for a 15'x20'-25' area as well would be great.

IMG 20191016 162358

So the real questions; what I want to do additionally is create a 6' x 15' x 20'-25' extending off the back of this kennel for the animals to really run and play. This is will be more of an enclosure and less of a kennel. I have many options for creating the fencing, but I wanted some help as to what is the most secure for both raccoons and foxes. Below is a list of materials that I found. There are of course pro's and cons like pricing, durability, and looks. It is pretty wet where the cage is, so would wood posts last? A lot of the fencing material listed would require me create panels with wood and the material (like cattle panels). How did you guys created your fencing for your enclosures? Also, for the top; the cheapest option would be aviary netting. I heard someone on facebook uses it and it works really well for them. But now my concern is that the raccoons will try climbing on it and destroy it. For the flooring, I don't really like the wire on the ground to stop digging. I was thinking of using paving stones for the perimeter. How long would the stone(s) have to be for it to be virtually dig proof? What about something like the dig barriers they make for dogs? How deep would I need to go? 




Lastly, a second fox ..

I've been dealing with something lately. There's this female fox. She doesn't belong to the lady that cares for her (it's a complex situation), but if ownership of this fox is relinquished, it is this lady's decision on what happens to the fox. She said that if she doesn't keep her, I'm the one she'll give her to. But here's where the issue lies; She has too many animals, all of which are being kept in very small, dirty cages. I won't go into what she has, but some are not legal. It hurts me so much, I can see the poor things going crazy, even hurting themselves. She spends no time with them, only takes them out when she wants to pet them. And when they snap, she says she has no clue why they're are being so aggressive and blame the animal for being a "b*tvh". She's a hoarder. I go there every week to see her because, well, we are friends. But I have become so resentful of her treatment of her animals. When I went to see the fox, her hay was soaking wet with urine and covered in fecal matter. It was piled up to my ankles. I saw it was getting worse every week and I kept telling myself, "she's going to clean it soon". But I couldn't take it anymore; I cleaned it myself. I don't have the heart to go out there anymore, I've become too attached. I'm at a loss, I've tried to think of any way I can get this fox out of her hands.. If I could take all the animals away from her I would. I don't care WHO this fox goes to, I just want her to have a decent life, not be stuck in a small cage with no one to visit her or clean her cage.. Is there anything I can say? I don't want to say "Could I have the fox?". Because if the answer is "no", what do I do? I was just going to play it out and see, but I don't know anymore.. 


Anyways, the cage is most important, but any advice would be appreciated for the situation.

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Want to add; Would gravel hurt the animal's feet? What about river rock? 

Edit* Just realized that the fox would eat too small of gravel.. So I guess, more like would larger river rocks hurt animals feet?

Topic starter Posted : February 20, 2020 7:44 pm