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The Venom Debate  

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Hey, wanted to come and add what I've learned over the years here about venom--mostly by posting links to articles. I have posted about venom in various topics here, some of which is correct, some of which isn't. I pasted this in another post so it could be discovered by readers easier.

One of the big things that scientists are pushing for right now is: "Just because it's venomous, doesn't mean it's dangerous." Example: Garter snakes are venomous, and they don't hurt humans at all, but they do have venom specialized for their prey. So scientists are trying to change the stereotypes about venom.

Some scientists are very resistant to the change in definition, but this is the way science is going, so they'd better get on board--or at least have some sound articles/research backing up their outdated claims. Playing devil's advocate, some do have very good arguments, but they are in the minority. So my friend--although very well-educated on the venom discussion--is currently wrong (as science currently stands). Some people are stuck in their ways and don't want to change definitions.

As for iguanas being venomous, it's actually super interesting. They possess atrophied (no longer do what they were originally intended to do, or underdeveloped) venom glands. I would have to do research on which species if not all have them.

It is proposed that snakes, monitors, and iguanas possess venom or venomous components to some degree.

Here's a couple articles and snippets to read from if you're interested in learning more.

***Here is Fry's article that started it all.***

Here's an article that shows some opposition. New school vs Old school, you could say.

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