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So how did everyone end up deciding on the pets that they have or have had?
Right now in this phase of my life a chipmunk is a perfect exotic for me.
They live longer then rats, they want your attention yet enjoy some independent time, they are quiet, except when in heat, they are in the squirrel family ( I love squirrels ) but not as big as a squirrel, not as destructive as the big tree squirrels, mine can interact with my family where as my grey squirrel was a one person animal, not the type of exotic that needs oversight and a permit ( in my state anyway )
Super cute, not a night animal, doesn't require an outdoor enclosure, yet could have one, it would be fine.
And right now, all of that is perfect for me.

I always wanted a chipmunk and I know the other animals I wouldn't mind having are just not a fit, right now, maybe later, maybe not, don't know what the future will bring.

I know there are bears, Bobcats, skunks, tamanduas, raccoons, foxes, wolf dogs, and much much more on here, what about you? What was it about your animals that made you choose?

Topic starter Posted : June 25, 2016 11:01 am
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Rats, being small enough to be portable and easier to get into an apartment lease than a dog, were a good fit for me. Relatively inexpensive to care for and maintain was good back when I got them because I was living under the poverty line even though I had a job. They loved me very much and I loved them back. Always wanted to be with me. You can bathe them, pet them, clip their nails, tickle them, teach them their names and to do tricks. I loved all of that about them. They didn't stink like some other pets can, unless I didn't clean their cage for a long time, which wasn't very often. Cleaning their cage was easy. I liked people's reactions to petting one of them for the first time, marveling at how soft they were, and how gentle. Even my parents grew to like them. Only downside was they only lived for a few years, and losing each one was very hard on me. That, and my boyfriend became super allergic to them when they reached maturity, so I can't really have any more icon-sad

Pet parent of Emo the border collie mix and Namira the domestic shorthair cat

Posted : June 25, 2016 11:11 am
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I had rats once, actually a few times. Once I had a whole colony! I loved having the ratties!! They got to run around the house and it was so cute how the dogs would let them chase them around. You would be sitting in the living room and you'd see a German shepherd run down the hallway past the door, wait for it... There goes a little ratty chasing behind.
Our dogs thought they were super puppies, they never grew up and the girl dogs would fight over who got to keep them in their ' dog nest '
The rats never stayed where the dogs put them lol
They all got put away in the cage when run time was done. I couldn't let them stay out all the time like the dogs, it was for everyone's safety.

I had mice too, though I'd never let the mice run like that. With the mice, you couldn't keep the males together at all, they tried to kill eachother.

With both I had all sorts of neat colors.
All of my rats were friendly but my mice were different. Some were and some weren't. I treated them all the same too.
Out of the friendly mice the babies were friendly out of the scaredy mice the babies were scaredy and I touched the babies from birth all the time I handled them all.
The scaredy ones ones stayed scaredy
Reminds me of genetics with the Russian tame foxes

Topic starter Posted : June 25, 2016 12:42 pm
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I had three, and the rex (Dracula) was the most "scaredy" out of the three. Not sure if his genetics had to do anything with it. I bought him and my black and white one (Johnny) at the same age and raised them the same but their personalities were totally different. His back legs gave out when he got old, too. Poor old guy. He still got around just fine though, he even would climb up in his wheel and lay on it, after his back legs went. Running on his wheel was his favorite thing. Most of his hair fell out as well, not in patches but just thinned out to the point where he was mostly naked, haha. Scorpio's hair did the same thing. My most tame one never ran on the wheel. Dracula outlived Johnny.


Dracula and Scorpio

Pet parent of Emo the border collie mix and Namira the domestic shorthair cat

Posted : June 25, 2016 12:55 pm
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I loved animals when I was a kid, but when I got to be a teenager I never wanted one. I remember telling people that the best pet was a pet rock, lol. Can't really believe I thought that way at one point, haha.

Sounds weird, but I had a dream about foxes. It made me want to learn more about them, their behaviors. I wanted to draw and write about them. My fox obsession grew, and soon I was reading all sorts of stuff on them--even weird statistical type stuff. Then one day, the question came to me... "Can I own a fox as a pet?"

My research told me the answer was yes. I deliberated on this for weeks, and I finally decided that yes. I would have a fox. It was April when I decided I wanted a fox, but I wanted to wait a year before diving in so I could have time to save up money, ponder about it, and actually live somewhere I could own it. So I was impatiently waiting for next year, lol.

Being impatient, I decided I needed a pet in the meantime to keep me from going crazy. So I bought my very first pet: a western hognose snake named Dragon who is still with me today. When I got Dragon, I became exceptionally interested in reptiles. And while I waited for my fox, I began checking out other mammals.

I almost, almost, almost got a fennec fox. But the day of, we backed down due to the seller being... well, weird and spacey. I was disappointed, but I knew that as much as I would adore and love a fennec fox, what really pulled me into the world of animals was the red fox. So red fox it was.

I got Fable, and my life changed for the better. And since then, I've wanted to continue to expand my menagerie. I've been doing it slowly, but I hope one day soon I can be living the dream. Smile
That's my story.

I'm Fable and Ifrit's mommy. Also mommy to Carousel, Breeze, and a bunch of snakes, lizards, and spiders. Oh, and one amphibian!

Posted : June 29, 2016 10:56 pm