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I know a few of you on Facebook, so I wanted to make this thread to see which games/applications/other fun things you use on Facebook are your favorite Smile
I just started playing a game called AquaLife3D, it's a realistic aquarium simulator. They have nice species to choose from, and watching them swim around is calming, just like looking at real fish It's great if you can't/don't have an aquarium set up and would still like to be able to care for fish like you do in real life. It does have an in-game currency feature, which you can either get by selling fish/doing other tasks in game, or you can buy them with real currency. Since I don't spend real money on fake money, I just play to have fun. It doesn't hinder your game progress if you don't buy with real money, which I like. You can also send gifts like most games, so having some other players would be nice *hinthint*.

I used to play ZooWorld 2 a lot (Sarajeku and I used to play almost every day), but it started crashing my browser every time I'd open it, so I stopped playing. That was fun too until that happened!

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my dad is all about farmville.. i was on it for awhile because there was a gray fox i wanted, hah
there is so much redundant content on there now.. i was thinking though, if they ran an event.. like "hey, farmers! regulators are making it difficult to have interesting animals" there would be quite a number of participants..

Posted : September 3, 2012 4:08 am
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Mine are Disney's Animal Kingdom Hidden Objects Game and Bubble Safari. I did play Gardens of Time for awhile until I had to stop because I couldn't level up without paying real money. I also used to play a game called "My Zoo" but it was just a words and pictures type game,nothing moving, and it was very slow to level up, so I quit. I also breifly played a game called Botkin's Hidden Cove,but it took too long to craft knifes for cutting through the forest to find stuff so I got bored. I've played Zoo World, Zoo World 2, and a few other zoo games,but got bored because you can't do much on them. I briefly played a game called Wolf Wars and one called Wolf Pack or Wolf Packs,but those were boring too as you couldn't do much on them, both being mostly text with pictures as well,though at least it was one animated picture used for the wolves in Wolf Pack. I also called Dog Wars briefly which was similar to Wolf Wars and was also boring.

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