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Ways to Meet a Pet Fox?

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Hi all,

I currently live in a state where having a pet fox (and many other exotics) is outright illegal. Maryland exotic laws are positively terrible and have only gotten worse in the past couple of years. Nevertheless, I'm interested in getting to meet more exotic animals in places where they are legal to experience what that interaction is like. I'd like to be ready, when I move to where they are legal, to welcome such an animal into my life.

Are there any owners in Virginia or Pennsylvania that would be all right with a potential visit at some time? I can offer in exchange hedgehog interaction, as I've been running a rescue for the critters for going on 8 years now. I realize they aren't quite as dramatic an exotic as the canids are, but they do have quite a bit of charm. 

I've worked with wild canids in the past - including two years on the Urban Coyote Research Project in Montana, but I realize that coyote ownership is likely much lower than fox ownership. Laws surrounding coys seem a lot more restrictive, unfortunately. 

In short - are there any ways beyond knowing owners to interact with foxes and get more experience with the species? 

Thank you for your time.

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Mind if I piggyback on this topic?

I’m from New Hampshire and fighting to legalize pet foxes in New Hampshire. While New Hampshire has a very small exotic pet community, there is also little opposition, and the state has moderate exotic pet laws. My current goal is to legalize ranch red foxes that do not resemble wild foxes—it seems like a good starting point to ease people into the idea of pet foxes, and it helps that Massachusetts has a similar law with minks. I am looking for exotic pet owners and pro-exotic groups in New England and the northeast US in general to help. I also have a letter drafted for legislators (though I will send it after the pandemic; I think it will be completely ignored with everything else going on right now.)

I would be willing to drive to PA, other mid-Atlantic states, or northeastern Canada to meet a pet fox. I’m open to negotiation for anything else within the US.

Posted : November 7, 2020 9:58 pm
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sorry for the lag on response.  I plan on moving my site to where it use to be.  the original name will be sybilsden.com/bb/

I started working on, then my darn computer broke.   please email me for any questions  pat@raskcycle.com

I have not got the correct email working yet.  which is sybil@sybilsden.com


I have raised 4 foxes in the past.  they all passed away at 12-13 years old.  There is a lot to be said about raising foxes.

For now, I will give you the basics.  1. Foxe's urine smells bad.  however there are ways to overcome the odor. (I will explain thru email)

Foxes can be litter trained.  I will explain further about that in the email.

if you are considering PA to move to, all you would need is a propagation permit.  much cheaper than the regular permit.

If you want to see a fox in person, some zoo's have them.  maybe a rescue center might.


in response to the second post:

trying to legalize a fox:  it is tough to do. you could try calling your state's reprehensive.  I doubt it will help, not sure. worth a try.

email me for other questions.  pat@raskcycle.com









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Posted : December 2, 2020 6:10 pm
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My apologies for responding a month late. I don’t check this forum as often as I used to since it has been quiet lately.

I’ve put a lot of thought into a strategy for how to reach out to legislators, including a letter I have written with information about ranch foxes and how they differ from their wild counterparts. When the time comes, I plan to reach out other pro-fox people and websites to encourage their members to e-mail the representatives as well. I would love any recommendations you have, as I’m sure you have a lot of connections in the fox community.

New Hampshire has moderate exotic pet laws. You can own most non-native ground birds or waterfowl (including ostriches, rheas and emus), any non-native amphibian (including poisonous ones; I haven't seen anything that explicitly says you cannot have them, but I met someone with a cane toad and he said he needed a permit for it), virtually any reptile that isn’t poisonous or a crocodile, alligator or similar species (so Burmese pythons, anacondas, reticulated pythons and other large constrictors, Nile monitors, theoretically Komodo dragons if you can get around CITES, are legal) as well as large herbivores like water buffalo, camels, yak and bison.

Therefore I think legalizing ranch foxes is a realistic goal. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to own a fox if you are allowed to own much larger and potentially dangerous animals and there have been no issues in the state with them.

Posted : January 16, 2021 3:37 pm