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Shrimp could be used as part of the insect portion of the diet but I don't think you can replace rabbit with it. Shrimp has almost no iron, where as rabbit has a decent amount since it's a dark meat, as one major difference.

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Posted : July 31, 2018 12:53 am
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Revisiting vitamin D.

Since the subject just came up in regards to reds and I had to math. Here is what I'm doing for vitamin D.

There's about 1.67 IU per gram of herring and 3.6 to 6.85 IU per gram of salmon.

I'm giving my fennec one large square of freeze dried salmon a day. So I just weighed a bite of the salmon I use and each large chunk is around a gram. 1 gram gives 16.7iu-68.5iu of vitamin D. Turns out salmon has more D than hearing.

Fox need 82 IU vitamin D per 100g of food.

Iki eats about 8 ounces a of food per pay, 226g so needs 185iu so looks like he should be getting 3-4 chunks a day, he'll love that.

But he also gets salmon skin chews sometimes and the vitamin D is much more concentrated in the skin. So I don't think he's been deprived.

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Posted : August 13, 2018 8:39 pm
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Something I forgot before was that some fish contain Thiaminase and should not be fed regularly since it inhibits B vitamins. However Thiaminase is destroyed by cooking so if you are feeding a cooked food that has herring in it it's okay. Herring is on the list but is says baltic and apparently atlantic herring is okay.

I have been using freeze dried salmon bites and cod skin chews. They are on the safe list of fish.

This site lists fish that have and don't have thaminase ... -raw-fish/

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Posted : June 10, 2019 2:46 pm
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So after much math and a picky fennec I'll be changing Iki's diet. Iki has a habit of not eating his rabbit on some nights, it's worse in the summer than winter and has become most nights he doesn't eat it and that's a very expensive waste of food! Especially since the price of rabbit sky rocketed this year. My new diet will allow a bit more variety and he'll love it.

In this case I made it easy on myself and aimed for the amount of retinol per day based on fox weight. Iki is 3.6 pounds so 1.64kg The average 3 pound fennec needs about 150IU retinol per pay. The study recommendation is 100iu/kg of fox per day, so Iki needs 165IU per day. In my past food endeavors I worked to covert as best I could to needs per KG of food so it was easier for people to find food but that step is not needed this time so I'm skipping that and sticking with amount needed per day.

So 1 small chick, they average 28 grams(1 ounce) = 9.234IU retinol (fed mornings)
3 grams Steave's Real Food Turkey Freeze dried = 56.109 IU retinol (night in puzzle)
1/4 cup or a bit more of live insects*, mostly devoid of retinol so not really anything to add in here. (night in sand box)
Some veggies but also devoid of retinol, like sweet potato bits in his puzzle.
1 fuzzy rat, averaging 15 grams = 96.325IU retinol (night or super early morning)
Daily retinol= 161.668IU

*he only wants live roaches if not mixed in his rabbit, so I bury some live babies in his sand box.

So that's just shy of the aimed for 165 a day but some rats will be a bit bigger as they are sold as 13-19G but as little as 50IU per KG per day is considered adequate so will be a good amount even is all on the smaller side.

Some days he will have freeze dried rabbit instead of steave's or other freeze dried foods with similar retinol levels. With the rabbit being higher than chicks he can have 2 chicks on those days, instead of a rat. Temporarily he's been getting a second chick in place of rabbit with some freeze dried rabbit as well but I'll be ordering him some rat fuzzies soon and still works out at over the lower 50IU per day so is okay for awhile. For now I've been giving his nightly snacks in puzzle and sand box then around 5 am he wakes me and I give him a chick, or sometimes I put parts of the chick in his puzzle so give him the remainder when he wakes me, then when I wake up he gets his normal morning chick.

Only issue is veggies since I can't mix them in ground rabbit but he does like some things so will play around with that more. He does like sweet potato so that's a good one.

Edit: I ordered them since they were on sale now. Next time I can order chicks and rats at the same time.

Oh, and since I can't mix his calcium in the ground rabbit I'm powdering it on his chicks now. A bit messier.

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Posted : June 30, 2019 6:55 pm
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So it's been a week since the rat pups arrived. It's early still so might just be an odd coincidence but my little goober has a lot more energy now.

Also he had become accustomed to chick parts in his feeder puzzle so I am cutting one up and parting it out over 3 days. That actually works out nicely to 164.7IU per day, so on target.

Edit: and I give him a bit of roast chicken in the afternoons which I put his calcium in and some veggies. He was going crazy over Beaker Dog's dinner so that worked out nicely.

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Posted : July 18, 2019 6:28 pm
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