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Dog Running Loose

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Reposting this from Facebook. I just need to vent about this. I'm so tired of having crappy neighbors. First that spoiled brat who terrorizes my dogs with her golf cart and now this.

Some idiot that lives at the farm two houses down from me lets their big dog run loose, without human supervision, and it keeps coming over in my neighbor's yard to dig around near his burn-barrel. The neighbor is in his late 70's. I'm hoping that dog doesn't try to attack him or his wife if they catch it on their property. He owns a couple of guns, but they won't do much good locked in their gun case if something happens.

Sometimes the dog is with a person, but today it was lurking around my neighbor's trash area in his yard for over an hour, alone. He was about a hundred yards away from his own property. It's a black dog that kind of looks like a GS, but with drop ears.

If it keeps getting that close to my house, I'm going to call animal control. Our fence is still damaged from the flood and if that dog gets into my yard there's going to be hell to pay. I'm sick of my neighbors being ignorant and stupid. I don't think the dog even has a collar; not one that I could see.

I have a black dog, too, but I make sure she has a visible collar. Also, I keep her inside of a fence where she can't get hurt.

I'd go over there and try to talk to them, but I don't want that dog going after me since it obviously isn't under control. It doesn't seem like a friendly dog. I can't even take Emo out walking because of it. I don't want to risk a fight.

Letting your dog run loose, off of your property (dog at large), is illegal, and allowing it to roam into someone else's yard is asking for trouble; and if I'm correct if the dog damages someone's property it's considered vandalism. If we had worse people living around here someone probably would have already shot or poisoned it by now, just out of spite.

We live right on Rt. 42 with large trucks and other vehicles speeding by. That dog is going to meet a painful death one way or another if they keep letting it loose. I don't understand how someone can trust an animal to understand that roads and strangers are dangerous. Or maybe they just don't care if the dog dies or not. There's a very aggressive dog chained in someone's yard on the other side of the creek, and not securely. I'm pretty sure if that loose dog took a walk over there it would be in serious trouble, too, if it made it across the bridge without getting hit by a car.

If it gets into my yard to go after my dogs, I won't hesitate to defend them, if Emo doesn't do it herself. I won't let my dogs get seriously injured or killed just because that dog's owner is an idiot. I hate to say it, but I'd rather see that dog dead than mine. The law is on my side in that regard.

One of my dogs and I already got attacked by an aggressive dog running loose over there when I was a kid. I'm not letting it happen again.

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Topic starter Posted : October 23, 2013 2:14 pm
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If the dog seems aggressive, then yes, for sure call animal control. You don't want an aggressive dog at large. If it isn't hurting anybody and is just being a nuisance, and the owners won't do anything, then animal control would be a good idea. Most likely they will talk to the owners and make sure that they understand the full extent of the law, and that will probably get them to wisen up a bit.

Lots of times farmers are a lot more laid-back about their dogs running loose. They own a lot of property, and they get some dogs to keep an eye on things, and they don't realize that this may bother some people. Maybe before talking to the police you could talk to the neighbors instead. It seems less drastic, could keep them and their dog out of trouble, and solve things peacefully.

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Posted : October 23, 2013 2:46 pm
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It's not really a "farm" as most people think of, with huge acres of land; I guess I should have been more specific. They just have a small field in front of their house and a small barn. They keep 5-10 chickens as far as I know for livestock, and a ton of barn cats left over from the last people that owned it. That's it. They have less than 2 acres of land total, and none of it is fenced in. They are right next to the highway. I really doubt they need a dog running loose to "protect" anything, if that's their reasoning to let it run free.

I would go over there but I don't want to get charged by the dog or anything else they have running loose over there.

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Topic starter Posted : October 23, 2013 5:22 pm
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I'd call AC even if its just in your neighbor's yard. :/

I don't take kindly to offleash dogs because of Bae's reactivity. What people don't seem to get is that some dogs aren't friendly. Even if your neighbor's dog was nice, Emo (or Bae or a random strange dog) might not be! UGH.

I'm totally with you on this. Leash laws exist for a reason. Its one thing if you dog has a perfect heel and doesn't "need" a leash off your property but its a whole 'nother hand basket if he is at large!


Posted : October 23, 2013 9:58 pm
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Was browsing through this board today and realized I didn't update this... A few months after I posted this originally, my mother and I were in the living room, and we heard what sounded like a car door being slammed very hard, right out in front of our house. I opened the front door and looked, and out on Rt. 42, I saw a big pickup truck pulled over alongside the road. My parents knew the driver. At second glance I thought maybe he had hit a deer... But no. 

A few yards down the road, was the black dog I mentioned in my original post. She had been hit by the truck and killed instantly.

We drove up to the house, and my mother went up to the door and knocked. A woman came to the door, and my mom told her what had happened. The woman's response was "But she was just here on the porch a few minutes ago".

This is what happens when you let your dog run loose...

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