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New Guinea Singing Dog

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Does anyone know if the NGSD can be found in Europe? I see them for sale from time to time in America, but in Europe they, like most larger exotics, are more elusive.

I really want one some day, and if there are no breeders in Europe then maybe importing from America is an option. For that matter, if anyone knows any American breeders, that would be interesting as well. I can only find Panhandle exotics (broker?), otherwise, only zoos and general info pages.

Exotic birds, canines, snakes and hoofstock are my main interests.

Topic starter Posted : November 26, 2019 8:23 pm
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What part of Europe? As far as UK, I don't know for sure with NGSDs if they are already there or not but we get this a lot with fennecs not being in UK. One of the reasons some exotics can be more limited in the UK is due to the long quarantine for anything not domestic. They wont be pets material after that so it only makes sense, in my opinion, to import for breeding, meaning you'd import several and pay thousands for each to be quarantined, then set them up in pairs for breeding. Then you would have the offspring being pet quality if you raise them for yourself and to sell. But no one can or wants to go through the extra hassle and expense, and or just don't want to be breeders so after a long time of no fennecs in UK there still aren't any. I know you asked about NGSDs but I'm saying that because it would be the same issues in the way of getting them into the country initially. Yes, they can be imported, but is it worth it to anyone who has the money and time?

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Posted : November 26, 2019 8:56 pm
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I did find dingos for sale on a European site. :O []=&query=Dingo

Even African painted wolves (not the same thing and not likely something I'll ever own, but wow, they're rare).
Most animals on that site are in Poland and Czechia, but interesting to know that even dingos are owned and sold in Europe.

Exotic birds, canines, snakes and hoofstock are my main interests.

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