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I read a post asking whether ANCDs were legit or not, so I thought I would share this so people would be informed by someone who has done extensive research on this very topic. I do sincerely hope it sheds light on this, and saves more people and dogs from making terrible mistakes:

Hi- I read your post about the ANCDs, and there is something that you need to know as well as any readers who may have read your post: I have actual proof that Ann is lying about the wolf content in her dogs. I have contacted two individuals who Ann bought breeding stock from, and they were all HIGB CONTENT wolf dogs. After doing the math, the dogs she is currently selling are actually low- to mid-content wolfdogs, which has lead to many unsuccessful, miserable, and sad endings for the dogs and their owners. Many of the dogs suffer from excessive shyness, aggression, severe anxiety, and one that I know of has been sent to a wolf sanctuary. All because of uneducated owners, who were told they were receiving dogs, not wolfdogs. The animals were not raised properly, according to the specific needs of a wolfdog pup, and there has been much suffering all around. YES, there are a FEW success stories, however the majority of the dogs do not end so well. And any buyer you talk to will tell you that what they received was a wolf hybrid, not simply just a dog. Unfortunately, this irresponsible breeder has lied to many, many people, and she talks as if she is a total narcissist, so there is no way to reason with her. She takes people's money and then becomes rude and nasty. I later learned of her poor breeding ethics and morals (she is forcing her prized 14 year old bitch to breed via intrauterine insemination... Even though the bitch has no interest in breeding anymore, she supposedly has all of her dogs debarked, and she has more dogs than she is willing to admit). The only reason this person is not a puppy mill is because wolfdogs only come into heat one season a year... If she could get more litters, she absolutely would! It's all very sad, and the worst part is that not only are people buying what they think is simply a wolf lookalike, but that the dogs are the ones to suffer. This breeder has even sold dogs to owners who live in apartments... No wolfdog should have to be confined to an apartment. And that wolfdog's story is particularly sad, however the owner has been fantastic and has been doing everything he can to accommodate the dog. I just hope this helps to shed some light, and that more people will hopefully wake up and realize that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. These are wolf lookalikes because they COME from wolves, and very recently. It is easy to be duped, because at first the breeder is very convincing and informative. But when she thinks that she's given enough information, she becomes rude, nasty and short tempered (AFTER you give her a whopping 50% deposit!!!), and refuses to "play nicely." This woman is a pathogenic liar. And, once again, it is the animals that suffer because of it.

Topic starter Posted : October 1, 2015 5:13 am
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Yes, I've never believed that the ANCD are "just dogs".

The Tamaskan has been created by crossing sled dogs with shepherd mixes, and small amounts of wolfdog (CsV and Saarloos), and this is what they look like: ... y/foxy.jpg

Wolfy, but not more.

Now, these are ANCD: ... 277031.jpg ... qazkco.jpg

And I'm supposed to believe these were created by crossing... what was it... husky, border collie, german shepherd, greyhound, great pyrenees (?!), labrador (?!!), and what more? And no wolf. O...kay.

Sadly the "wolfalike" dogs and "wolfdog" breeds seem to be full of crap and scam-artists.
ANCD, the Tamaskan founders (Blustag and Blufawn), the man who breeds North American Indian Dogs (sold as what they are, mid-high contents, but he's had allegations thrown at him of being an irresponsible breeder).

Can we ever get a wolfdog- or wolfalike breed, not CsV or Saarloos, who's not full of politics, backstabbings, puppy mills, and liars?

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Posted : October 1, 2015 6:19 am
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so sad about the poor wolf/dogs by this idiot breeder. is there a way to report her? Sybils Den

Posted : October 1, 2015 2:36 pm
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please don't use pictures from owners without permission. this is the second time I got a complaint. Sybils Den

Posted : February 12, 2018 3:04 pm
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None of the pics were stolen though they were just remote linked back to the site they were found on. All the owner has to do is disable remote linking. But I changed them to just links to make them happy.

Edit: This would fall under fair use anyway since part of a discussion and they are cited since it links back to where the photo was found.

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Posted : February 12, 2018 5:02 pm
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ANCDs are wolfdogs. Several have been embark DNA tested and have come back with 30+% wolf.
I know of at least two brother/sister pairings that the breeder has done.

Posted : March 12, 2018 12:56 pm
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We sure dont need another wolf dog posing as anything Alaskan. Thanks for helping expose another goofy fraud!!

Another scam right along the lines of Markel and the NAIDs and LaFlamme and the AIDs :roll:

Posted : April 15, 2018 8:09 pm
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Hello, My name is Al.
I am new to the Forum...I am simply trying to find a legitimate ANCD Breeder.

Does anyone know any legit breeders. I don't mine 30-40% wolf content.

My number is 513.817.5656

Thank you!

Posted : November 24, 2018 2:43 pm
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There is only one ANCD breeder, and that is the founder.

Posted : December 3, 2018 7:45 am