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pekin ducks

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I just got 3 young pekin ducks. not sure how old they are. (I had one when I was a kid)
pekin ducks seem more friendly than mallards are.

right now, I have them in a box in room. I want to put them outside in a large dog cage. it is on the front porch, I have blankets on the cage
but, will put a 125w heat lamp in there before I move them out there. when the weather gets warmer, I will put them in a 10x10, which is near the pond. then let to in the pond, I would like to get them use to going in the 10x10 at night as adults. I know they will stay in pond alot,
I always worry about a hawk getting them. currently I only have 1 male goose and one mallard. with hope the goose will protect them, like he does the mallard.

guess my question is, what tempature should they be at?
the porch has a roof on it, and plastic from the railing to roof.
also have a doggie door (with no flap) that goes outside.

the weather here has been so darn cold, but, tomorrow it will start warming up, I am just worried about the night temp.

any suggestions welcome. Sybils Den

Topic starter Posted : April 11, 2018 8:33 am
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Ducklings and Goslings do not take heat well, so be sure not to overheat them. They like a temperature of 90-92 degrees for the first 3 days, then 85-90 degrees for days 4 to 7. Thereafter, drop the temperature by approximately 5 degrees per week until they are fully feathered.

But with the light you can have one area nice and toasty and they can lay where they feel most comfortable so it should be fine.

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Posted : April 11, 2018 1:56 pm
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thank you mary, appreciate your info.
I put them in the large dog cage today. they seem to be doing OK so far. I do have a heat lamp, but, they seem to go into a box where I have straw for them. they don't look cold. the temp on the other end is about 50 degree.
I put plastic up where it was missing around the porch. so it should be OK, I hope so.

the weather here is suppose to warm up more tomorrow. I hope. it was suppose to warm up more today, but, didn'nt happen

the ducks I had before were all mallards, they all disappeared except one.
I do have a male goose, he seems very protective of the mallard. I just hope he is the same way with the pekin ducks.

I have hawks flying around here once in while, I just hope a hawk don't get them. not sure how big a bird they will pick up.
they can't get my chickens, it is too hard for them to swoop down in the chicken enclosure.

I am going to put some fake owls around the pond, and maybe some medal pie pans around the pond. not sure how effective that is. Sybils Den

Topic starter Posted : April 11, 2018 4:50 pm