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my male peacock

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I got my male peacock last fall. he had free range, he stayed with the female, then a few weeks ago,
he left. my neighbor seen him at her place a a week or so ago with a wild turkey

anyone know how I can locate him? I don't think he is too far, not sure. I have fields beside me and behind me.
I even tried calling him with a male peacock call no luck.

I know he roosts in a tree at night, there are so many trees in the border of the fields, it would be hard to find him.
I would think if he was this close he would come home.

I thought about a trap, but I would probably need one designed for a peacock.
I have a trap, it is kind of large, not sure if he would go in it or even fit in it with his tail.
it is 42" long X 13" wide. when the trap closes it is 30" long.
I am wondering about his tail though. not sure how long he is with his tail.

I could try a trapper, they would have a better set up. the only problem is, I have no idea where my peacock is now.

does anyone think he could come back home on his own?

I have a couple game cameras I could set up. the only thing with that is it has an SD card to view it.
I also have a better camera, but, I would need somewhere to plug it in. there is electric in the barn,
not sure how far I can reach with an extension. this camera I can view all the time on a TV I have for the camera. Sybils Den

Topic starter Posted : April 10, 2018 11:23 am
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I don't really know anything about peacocks. Maybe he thinks he's a turkey now. Do you have any females there? He may have gone looking for a mate.

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Posted : April 11, 2018 1:34 am
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yes, I do have a peahen. they got along good. that is what is throwing me off why he left here.
I also have chickens, which he got along with. heck he would even sometimes go in sybil's enclosure. (she don't bother any of the birds)
she even shares her food with them

I will put a lost peacock on FB in the FB lost and found.
I could try and walk through the fields with a flashlight close to dark. it is hard for me to walk long alot, cause I am still sick.
my immune system is pretty bad right now. guess it will take awhile for me to get better. I think alot has to do with the chemo and being in the hospital is the worse place to be. I got sick on my last chemo treatment. I have another script for antibiotics. going to get another, script for predninsone Sybils Den

Topic starter Posted : April 11, 2018 8:18 am
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I gave up on that runaway peacock. he was spotted near a junk yard. it is across the main road from where I live.
who knows where he would be, and even if I did find him, I can't chase him, or net him. Sybils Den

Topic starter Posted : April 13, 2018 11:05 pm
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I got another peacock. he is a world of difference from the runaway.
( I don't want to speak too soon)
he guards the 3 turkeys I have and the guineas. so far, he sticks around.

now my peahen is missing she might be sitting somewhere. she did that last year and was gone for several months, but, came back.
geez, when she hides she does a good job of it. Sybils Den

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