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How do you get started in Falconry?

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Hi, I recently just got curious about Falconry and interested in getting to know how to get started with it? I've heard you have to find a mentor to teach you and help you get your first raptor. I've read beginners usually either start out with a Falcon or a Red Tailed Hawk while advanced falconers have Eagles and owls etc. I just think its a pretty cool hobby.

Topic starter Posted : September 8, 2019 3:04 pm
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Kestrels or red-tailed hawks is what I've heard for starters. It would be cool to work with eagles, I think. I'd love a bald eagle--most people don't think they're that pretty, but I think that's because we've just gotten used to them since they're "America's bird." But if, say, the golden eagle was the nation's bird, I'd think the bald eagle would be considered prettier than it is.

You search for your state's falconry club, and the club sets you up with a mentor. Unless you already know somebody to mentor you. You can find the club either online, or through your state's DNR sometimes. Facebook groups can really help with networking as well.

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