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Ever Heard of Anyone Owning a Heron?

Vibrant Skies
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I’ve always loved herons. They are underrated, gorgeous birds. I was looking through my state’s animal laws and saw that (non-native) herons are likely legal, since they are “exotic migratory waterfowl.” I’m not sure if the state classifies them that way, but non-native herons are exotic, they’re migratory, and they’re waterfowl. I’ll look into the laws more when I’m in a position to get one.

Herons have many ideal qualities:
-They’re diurnal (the species I’m interested in).
-They’re not aggressive.
-They live 20-25 years in captivity.
-Very few animals prey on them, and only occasionally will predators try.
-Unlike most waterfowl, they’re solitary. It’s possible to have only one and it will be happy.
-They’re relatively quiet and don’t vocalize often.
-Most species are Least Concern.
-Some species are native to temperate climates. Unlike flamingos or ibises, winter weather wouldn’t be an issue.
-They aren’t picky eaters, and while they prefer fish, they will eat other small animals and insects.

I wonder why I’ve never heard of anyone having herons in their yard, like with ibises or flamingos? Are herons absurdly expensive like some other birds? Where would you even get one?

Topic starter Posted : March 14, 2020 6:25 pm
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