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Crows and ravens - smell and mess?

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I have on my "future wishlist", a white-necked raven or two. My plan is to make a small building which is my work room and a large bird room for the parrots, and there would be night quarters for potential ravens as well. So they wouldn't live "indoors" at home, but have inside access.

There are not many who keep crows or ravens, even the more commonly legal, exotic species (white-necked ravens are from Africa, and I know both in America and Europe, it's difficult to impossible to have native corvid species), mostly I only find people who "raised a crow in their garden once, but it flew away when it grew up", but I read what I come across. One thing I saw mentioned once(!) was that since they are omnivores and eat a lot of meat, their p00p smells accordingly. Aaand that they squirt it like some softbills tend to do.

I know from being around birds of prey and vultures that their droppings smell quite bad. I know toucans and lorikeets squirt-poop.

So would a crow or raven be both of these things? 😆 If so, that may be enough to dissuade me, as I'll have enough to clean anyway, and my wishlist is quite long.

Exotic birds, canines, snakes and hoofstock are my main interests.

Topic starter Posted : January 10, 2021 9:23 am