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Bear Ownership

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Hiya, guys!
How many of you here own bears? The only ones I know are Pat and this other user who made a really pretty enclosure (sorry, I don't remember the user's name)
Soooo...based on my research, I've found that Black Bears are MUCH better suited for private ownership than Kodiaks or Polars. My wishlist includes these three. But, currently I'm thinking of acquiring a beginners' domestic cat, then I'll move to active domestics, then to Lynxes, and then to Big Cats
My question is, what sort of an experience is it? The closest I've gotten to a bear is at our local zoo. I was inches away from an Asian Black Bear's face (our zoo doesn't have a lot of security measures ). It didn't react.
Is there any sort of animal I'd have to own before owning a bear? Like how you may own a Serval before going to Big Cats? Mark Dumas the only person in this world who owns a Polar Bear?

Topic starter Posted : September 23, 2017 9:49 am
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I don't know what country you live in, but if you're in the United States you could visit private owners or facilities that are willing to let you come and learn about bear husbandry.

You could also volunteer at your local zoo that has bears. Or just visit a lot and study their behavior, ask questions to the zookeepers and is on.

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Posted : September 23, 2017 11:26 am
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I forgot where but not not US. Not many choices there. The drive through safari zoo south of here has pay programs where you can pay to follow a keeper and feed animals or pay to watch the bears hibernate in the winter or take a walk with a cheetah. While your zoo may not offer this maybe they would be open to it if you can talk to the boss and offer him enough money 😉

I'm not sure what if anything could prepare for a bear. Raccoons are related to bears but are a lot more active. Actually you might want to get the bear before big cats since they are a bit more predictable so you could get used to handling a big animal before the more unpredictable cats.

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Posted : September 23, 2017 12:32 pm